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Description of the class

Students will concentrate on the analysis and interpretation of various literature pieces. Students are expected to discuss and explore more abstract ideas in writing or orally. In order for them to succeed, the class will also focus on the use of grammatical structures ranging from simple to more complex ones.

Class Objectives

1. Study of various literature pieces in order to increase students’ reading-listening-writing and speaking skills:
  • Reading: the focus is on developing skills to enhance comprehension and to analyze content. Through their readings, students will be exposed to new vocabulary/new ideas and language structures.
  • Listening: Students will listen to recording of poems/songs/news/video clips and their teacher.
  • Writing: will be drawn directly from the reading activities as each piece of literature (extract from novels, poems, songs, speech, play) will illustrate either a grammar structure to be reviewed or/and reflect on a thematic or cultural topic.
  • Speaking:Students are expected to demonstrate understanding of the reading by being able to answer comprehension questions and give their point of view on the topic presented.
2. Review and expand the main grammar structures of the French language to have students prepared for the Advanced Placement class next year.
3. Gain a deeper understanding of the French culture through all the activities mentioned above and cultural projects/field trips.